Monday, February 14, 2011

ideas -

Somehow.... I'm scheduled to give the prayer at the contemporary service on the  Feb 27, be liturgist at the traditional services on March 13 and then prayer at the contemporary service on March 20,,,,  That is a lot of Lisa in worship services at Mount Olivet... oh well, at least I don't have to write the liturgist parts.. (I hope)

So that being said.. I'm looking for ideas of themes or scripture passages to base the prayers on... If you have any ideas, please send them along to me!. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

a prayer for Curt

I wrote this prayer for a friend from high school who was suffering from lung cancer.   I shared this prayer at the contemporary worship service and could hardly get through it as I was crying.  

A prayer for Curt

Can you feel it?
Like a gentle summer shower
Like a soft cozy sweater
Like a giant bear hug
 Can you feel it?
The prayers, the hopes, the positive energies, the well wishes, the love that your friends are sending to you   let them surround you, envelop you, support and sustain you.
Can you feel it?
The shower of grace pouring over you and your family.
The healing, comforting, sustaining grace
Let it wash over your
Let it bring you comfort
Let in bring you hope
Let it bring you peace and joy
Know that you are loved.
Can you feel it?

welcome and introduction


On this blog you will  see some of the prayers/prose I've created for use at worship, and just some other prayer/prose I'll be writing.   I love input from friends, both real and virtual, when composing these and will occasionally post requests for input on a topic.

Comments are welcome, and I will be moderating the posts and reserve the right to remove offensive/nasty/mean posts.